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17 year old guy. Despite the contents of this blog, I only promote happiness, love, and life. If you need advice, you're more than welcome to ask :)
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Anonymous asked: so today my cousin had accidentally cut his wrist today, and it was bleeding a bit. it definitely triggered me. Im so tempted right now. Ive been so upset lately and i just feel horrible. i don't want to disappoint anyone again, i don't know what to do. -h


Distract yourself as best you can! Do anything. Go watch your favorite TV show, go watch comedy to laugh it off your system, go play a game, go listen to music (no sad songs), go take a walk, call a friend (hearing their voice can help), take a nap, anything, just distract yourself from these temptations. You can keep going, I know you can. Don’t give up alright? You know that cutting is not going to help you, and that’s why you’re trying to stop. Keep going!

If you absolutely cannot fight the urge, then take a black marker or pen and trace lines instead of using a blade/razor. I personally don’t like this because it kinda “satisfies” your urge to cut, which would make you want to continue to cut. So only do this if you’re actually about to cut. But try your best to fight those urges, okay? I know you can do this :)

Anonymous asked: you're beautiful and I know you can get through whatever obstacle life throws at you.. Stay strong. I love you


Ugh I couldn’t get through the chocolate it threw at me, that one went in┬áme :P you stay strong too :)

whattheactualhell13 asked: There are two types of people in the world. People that hurt other people. And people that help other people. People will help you when you're hurt. You're beautiful. Stay strong. I love you.


Awww thank you :)

xcion asked: i want to hug you too. i know it sounds sort of shallow, but... i wish i knew you. i wish i could be there for you. i wish i could go back into the light with you.


You can get the duct tape and super glue too :) and you do know me. Quite frankly, you know me better than my friends and family do. And you making this comment is a way of you being here for me :)

Anonymous asked: You know what? any meesage and advice is not helping me at all. The therapist tried, my family tried and you tried as well, but nothing makes my mind change. I don't want to stop hurting myself, I can't do it. Maybe I don't want to stop being what I am, what I have been for so long. Some people are fucked up and that's all... thank you anyway, you're an amazing person.


Deep down you do want to stop! You just feel as though you can’t because you’re in such a big hole and you think you can’t climb out. But that is not true, you can get through this. It’s gonna be bloody difficult, its gonna take up all your time and energy, its gonna be a bumpy road, I promise you that you will struggle like hell. But I also promise you that once you get through this, you will be happy again. You will enjoy life again. You cannot give up now. Not now, not ever. Please, keep going and do not stop.

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