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17 year old guy. Despite the contents of this blog, I only promote happiness, love, and life.
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Anonymous asked: I just saw cuts on my best friends wrist and I literally want to cry because I don't want to know that other people feel this way. I'm shaking


Try talking to him/her. Let them know you care and love them, and try to help them out.

Anonymous asked: Hi! I hope you're having a good day. So, I would really like to stop cutting. My partner hates it but thankfully it doesn't affect our relationship. I've tried to for years but I always come back to it. It makes me feel good, but I know it's no good.


Its good that you know its not good, that’s the first step I think. Probably the best way to stop cutting is to distract yourself when you get the urge to do so. If you get those urges, just go do something like exercise, or maybe out for a walk to grab a coffee, or watching something funny like comedy, etc. Also, go to your partner when you get the urge. Let him/her comfort you and distract you.

Anonymous asked: (For the getting rid of scar thing question) sometimes bacitracin can help.... I use sit on my writ before and it cleared up a bit.... They're not fully gone but they're not as easy to see


Alright I’ll keep it in mind, thanks :)

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