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17 year old guy. Despite the contents of this blog, I only promote happiness, love, and life.
If you need advice, you're more than welcome to ask :)

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How to see if you’re overweight/underweight/normal weight


Unless you’re very muscular, this is a good indication to see if you need to gain/lose/maintain your body weight. I will not be answering questions that ask me if they need to lose weight or not, because I am getting literally hundreds of these. Just do what I’m doing and use that site :)

Anonymous asked: The question about changing into a certain person (same person yes still anon though) : I was talking about personalities and changing from awkward and socially terrified to confident and likeable. I know what I want I just don't know how to get there


Oh okay. Well, I’ll tell you what I did. For confidence, I actually just faked it :P but slowly it started to become a part of who I was, and eventually I just became confident through faking it. Weird how that sounds, but it worked for me. To change your personality a bit, maybe you can try to be more open-minded about things (as in ideas, likes, dislikes, as these things contribute to your personality) and try to be a bit more funny if you can. I know its hard to become a joker overnight, and I’m certainly not one myself. But what I tried to do is see what people found funny when people were talking, and I tried to switch my sense of humor to that, if you get what I mean.

Anonymous asked: Is it really bad that when I got told to go jump off a bridge because no one would care (which happens daily) that I actually think about it...?


Yes it is bad :( please don’t do it, and don’t listen to the idiot that told you to do that. Please don’t kill yourself, life is so beautiful and precious, and it would be a waste for you to do that

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