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How to see if you’re overweight/underweight/normal weight


Unless you’re very muscular, this is a good indication to see if you need to gain/lose/maintain your body weight. I will not be answering questions that ask me if they need to lose weight or not, because I am getting literally hundreds of these. Just do what I’m doing and use that site :)

Anonymous asked: The question about changing into a certain person (same person yes still anon though) : I was talking about personalities and changing from awkward and socially terrified to confident and likeable. I know what I want I just don't know how to get there


Oh okay. Well, I’ll tell you what I did. For confidence, I actually just faked it :P but slowly it started to become a part of who I was, and eventually I just became confident through faking it. Weird how that sounds, but it worked for me. To change your personality a bit, maybe you can try to be more open-minded about things (as in ideas, likes, dislikes, as these things contribute to your personality) and try to be a bit more funny if you can. I know its hard to become a joker overnight, and I’m certainly not one myself. But what I tried to do is see what people found funny when people were talking, and I tried to switch my sense of humor to that, if you get what I mean.

Anonymous asked: Is it really bad that when I got told to go jump off a bridge because no one would care (which happens daily) that I actually think about it...?


Yes it is bad :( please don’t do it, and don’t listen to the idiot that told you to do that. Please don’t kill yourself, life is so beautiful and precious, and it would be a waste for you to do that

Anonymous asked: What makes you think that it's ok for you to tell people if they are under or overweight? There are many circumstances which must be taken into consideration when determining if someone's weight is healthy or not. As far as I am aware, you're not a trained professional nor do you know the complete genetic makeup of every individual that you're assessing. My intentions were not to upset you, but to inform you of how people may misinterpret what you're doing.


I’m using BMI, something that health professionals use. It isn’t the most accurate, but its definitely a good indicator and a good guide. Unless you’re very muscular, its a decent tool to see if you have too much fat or not. 

Anonymous asked: (2/2) because your body will change, both inside and out. Of course your BMI is something to keep in the back of your mind and it does somehow indicate that you're over- or underweight. But the most important thing is whether or not you're healthy.


I’m definitely not gonna argue with a person who is specialized in this type of stuff, but unless people start sending me pictures of themselves (which I don’t want because… its kinda creepy. Very creepy.) I can’t really tell them to lose or gain weight. BMI is my only basis and way of judgement. But from my experience, BMI worked correctly for me. When I was 10-11, I checked my BMI and it was around 28, so I was considered overweight. And needless to say, I looked overweight. So it was more than obvious to me I had to lose weight. Maybe that’s an extreme case, but I think you get my drift.

Thanks for your concern though. I hope you help a lot of people too! :)

Anonymous asked: I'm a dietician and please let me first of all tell you that I love how you are supporting people to lose/gain weight. Second of all, I would like to say that you shouldn't focus on people's BMI. It's not right until the age of 23 because... (1/2)


I’ll answer in next

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